Writing is hard. So is Christmas....

 It’s been awhile. I know. I haven’t even done many guides. I’ve been coding a lot but not writing. Awful! There’s all the generic excuses; work, girlfriend, family (nah), blah blah. But really I just haven’t been doing it. 

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the MyWay Routing project, and here at SD too I guess. There’s been a lot of little things popping up in MyWay that I’ve been adding validation and error checking for, but I also had to rewrite the algorithm for distance checking. Several times. But honestly I’m quite proud of the result. It takes in the list of addresses, creates a record and stores all the addresses and info. Then the user has to create a Region, or a ranking of delivery priority. I’ve automated that but but there’s always edge cases that the user needs to a lot for. It also means this can be very dynamic. It allows the user to be able to calculate and allow for delivery times as well as change where and when the routes visit first while still optimizing the route. I just though up that I should probably add in a user defined average stop time and add that in to auto calculate the delivery time.

As for Shattered… Ain’t she looking pretty? I did a bunch of different things, added some new js, got rid of some old. There’s still some tweaking and such but I can do that later, I’m pretty stoked with the current look.

The carousels on the front page were a pain, so I’m going to do a write up about the CSS there, and also I switched my post slugs to the titles which was neat, but I just finished dealing with the problems there… Namely if your post titles are long and the same except for the suffix… your slugs wont be unique. So I had to delete and re-write my 3 part series on ActionMail and Postfix (Insert link here).
I also got adsense up and running but Im not sure what I’m going to do there since I’m the only one visiting here hahaha. For now, I also sorted out my Google Search Console issues… Hopefully. I’ll have to get Google to start crawling my other sites for the back links…
Anyways, I’m off to survive a Cyclone! Wish me luck!

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