Who's Paying Me... And Another Project...

Its been awhile since I wrote anything down. I think it’s one of those happens you just have to keep doing. They all say (whoever they is) that you should just write a little bit every day. Doesn’t matter what, just something. And everyone else says that once you start it’s super easy. 
Probably the same way I spout rhetoric from my fitness high horse? Probably.
In any case I’ma try. I promise. I started work again if that’s any excuse? And me and Tori are always having fun when she’s back… but she’s always telling me to get back to work so really it’s just all my fault I reckon.
To be honest I was in kind of a weird mood regarding my coding. I have reached a point where I’m developing a small portfolio, I know I have the requisite skills to make a successful go at anything I try here, I’m actively pursuing more and more and picking it all up as fast as I can throw myself at it… but where do I go now? You know?
This is the age old question of “When do I start making money?” and from what I’ve gleaned from the internet and podcasts and such… Who knows? Yah know? Do I start advertising for myself? Building small static pages and beating Wordpress to death even though that’s not where my passion lies? Do I jump onto some shady startup with someone who probably knows less that I do but with more collateral? Do I seek out a legitimate internship? Do I cower in fear of being rebuked and just continue polishing and doing free work for family and friends?
So that’s kind of where I’m at. Limbo. How do I start, yah know?
I think my first move will be to polish, then to just make the effort (the real effort) to jump into something, anything. 
That’s the beauty of van life folks, I’m cheap to run and don’t have to worry about ruining lives if my plans don’t work out, I’m already rubbing bottom, in a good way.

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