Well I Did It......

I dropped and refactored the post database. I started SD with two modes, Guides and Blogs but they are the same god damn thing. I knew it, you knew it. We all know it.
So I was stuck violating the DRY principle every time I changed anything, struggling with bugs when I forgot to change one and not the other. Just awful. The point I'd like to get across here guys, is that when you start a project, and you figure you're going to regret doing that thing you just did later... You probably will.
As it stand's I've gotten the base of Shattered Designs down, a solid foundation upon which I can build a mighty tower of words. I'll slowly putter away at design and layout as I go, but I've got projects a plenty to work on so you'll be seeing more of them in the guides as I continue building. I'll be working on finishing Luxe up to a usable point and then integrating it as a demo onto this website here. So if you need help setting appointments... I could be your guy soonish.

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