Very First One...

Holy wow, first possibly real post if I don't drop my database to redo a couple things! I'm still working on the site and hashing some things out. The colours are a little muted, the layout's not quite right, I'm still working on my mailer and db system. A pile of stuff really, but I'm going to start here and start working towards something better. Coding is like art. It take's layers. Or onions. I dunno. But you just have to keep refining and changing and refactoring until you hate yourself and everything you're doing. Simple right?
 As it stands, I'll be slowly adding to this site, and building up a few other projects. I'll be writing blogs and guides on what I'm doing with them and how I'm doing it to hopefully help out the next person. I'm by no means an expert or even adequate but I feel like alot of the problems I'm solving are common ones that don't have alot of documentation on the internet so I'm going to lay it out. 
 Being a self-taught, fly by night and the seat of my pants operation much of what I'm putting out here probably wont follow some unspoken practice or designation, but it'll be what works and explained in such a way that even I can understand it. Hopefully. So once I design a comment system feel free to leave a comment unless it's rude then go away. Or just email it too me, you know, the old fashioned way.

Comments (Coming Soon)