Such Vigour! Such Change! … Not So Much…...

 It’s shocking how I easy it is to settle back into a routine, yah know? I think that’s part of why I really love van life. I spent almost a month sleeping indoors, in a bed, with a beautiful woman, eating normal food; you know, that ol drag. And I learned it’s really easy, and it leads to… lets just say unproductive habits. All the discipline and plans I had went straight out the window and I’ve had to really work to build them back up again. And the real kicker is the week I spent house sitting immediately after… Hoo Nelly, that was an eye opener. I’m sure it was just the novelty of having a house to myself, or being safe and secure in those walls, but man I don’t know how anyone gets shit done in a house. There is so much distraction, so much to procrastinate. So much Netflix. 
Not that I couldn’t do that in a van, but it’s definitely a different experience. 
Its just quite the comparison now that I’m back into the ol van life. It’s honestly not something I can see myself forgoing in the near future.

Although that’s definitely something that will arise soon considering my upcoming deportation. But I’m not really ready to speak on that point yet.

Instead lets talk about work! I’ve definitely had troubles with MyWay recently, but I’ve beaten most of them into submission, reduced the amount of string parsing, rebuilt the address comparison algos, fixed a weird printing issue with Firefox not printing Iframes, or at least some of them.

I also migrated Rosewall and Shattered from Digital Ocean to Heroku because I ran out of free credit on Digital Ocean and honestly, after learning to deploy to DO or AWS with Rails, and configuring my own Puma Nginx servers and blah blah blah, Heroku is just so FREAKING SIMPLE. No headaches, no bull shit. Yah know? Migrating my DB from DO was a wee pain leading to having to set up my upload service to store in AWS S3 and pull from there but it’s sorted now.

Started a new project, a bowling (because I work in a bowling alley, if anyone wants to save me from that my contact info is below!) specific inventory management system with equipment, maintenance tasks, ordering etc. I took a more polished approach to this one rather than jumping right in and actually took pen to paper first! And it’s coming along nicely (See my upcoming rant about ReactJS to hear the other side of that).

I’ve also jumped into the world of Ecommerce and I’m working on integrating the Shopify API with a WooCommerce site to automate bulk products. That’s just scripting and WYSIWYG so it’s less interesting but probably the project with the most financial potential at the moment hahaha.

Anyways, back to work. You ever wake up in a van down by the river? It’s pretty nice some times.

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