Post Japan Blues...

 Another huge gap for writing posts. I swear, I just don’t know where the time goes. This time it was a hectic work season combined with a month of travelling through Japan and snowboarding so… Y’all can handle it. 
It was a busy season, after Christmas things never really slowed down what with all the children out of school, trying to refactor MyWay (coding never stopped, just the writing), prepare for Japan, etc. etc. etc. But I like to think I made progress in some ways. I haven’t stayed in the van for like, a whole month. I really miss her. There’s something special about waking up drenched in sweat, kicking possums off your feet (true story) and stretching out to a view of the ocean breaking. Then writing 10 hours of code. 
 Japan was a freaking adventure. I’ve never seen snow that deep. And I’m a Canadian. We get snow. But not like that. Waist deep snow as light as air. It flowed around our legs like smoke. One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. Mt. Fuji is checked off the list! Not the climb, but a sight anyways! And Hakone was beautiful. Very rural, very traditional, but so interesting. Life hack to going snowboarding in Japan, you can buy all your gear in a store called Hard-Off for pennies. I got a jacket, boots and board for like 100$. Saved me hundreds in rentals! The board was just luck, especially considering my size, but it’s a giant awesome Op-Shop. Totally worth it even just for fun. Getting around was pretty awesome, for me and Tori anyways, as we travelled by night bus and they have these super cool dome covers for sleeping, fully reclined. Honestly. Willer Buses were the best. And the Tokyo subway is one of the coolest things, it took us minutes to get anywhere. There was never any confusion (except one night going home after a few drinks. That was difficult) and truly, we found Japan super easy! Tori has a whole pile of posts up SOMEWHERE

Australia Again, New Goals
 Back in this beautiful country, and with a goal checked off the list, it’s time to put another one up there. I’ve decided my drive for the next little bit will be to get a start with a company somewhere. Probably a remote gig, and I’m honestly not expecting it to be a large gig (although it would be nice), just because I haven’t any experience working in the industry. Sure I know what I’m capable of, and I know my tech, but I don’t know working with others yet. 
 So it’s gonna be a learning curve but one I can’t wait to get started on. I’ve pushed these plans back time and again, but I’ve jumped in headfirst now so I can’t really back out. I think I’ve held off alot because of the whole ‘impostor syndrome’ thing, but now that I’ve taken a look through my options, what others are seeking, and what I’ve done, I think I am more than qualified. And Tori says she told me that months ago.
In The Mean Time
 Until then I’ve got some portfolio beefing to do though! I have almost 0 online presence through StackOverflow (working on it) and I don’t have any socials (not gonna work on it). I’ve revamped the Shattered page, sticking to a more basic template since I don’t really have the time to experiment with all the CSS anymore. And a big focus has been on SEO and MyWay lately; trying to get my current launches into the public eye (actively rather than passively) has been an interesting process but one that I think will bear a lot of fruit. 

 Back to it! I’m refactoring the CMS for Shattered Design; I built the original one from scratch as a fun little project, but there’s probably a gem out there with a better ROI. And something in my attachment broke in the site update… 

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