New Year, New Me... Nope...

 Brand new year everyone! And I started it off with a majorly bad case of bad brains. It was awful. I don’t think I’ve had that much anxiety… Ever. Freaking awful shit. I put it down to overextending myself for too long. I was working everyday, then putting myself into social situations I normally wouldn’t and feeling obliged because it was the holidays. I could feel it getting bad but I didn’t think I’d have some sort of attack, I’ve never had that. 
Other than that though, it was lovely. Ever been to Blackdowns Table Lands? Nah? You Should. It’s pretty spectacular. Me and Tori spent Christmas with her family where they spoiled me, then we went trooping down south to the tablelands, Rocky, Yeppoon (vastly underrated) and then back up the coast. Amazing experience and amazing year. I’ve learned how to fix cars, gotten fit, did a muscle up, learned to longboard (the roll-y kind, still cant surf), climbed some more mountains, dove the great barrier reef, saw crazy Australian animals, lived in a van (still live in a van), became an uncle, learned to code in several languages, and met a beautiful amazing young woman. I’m sure there’s more but my memory is still shite.
I’m hoping that 2019 is just as exciting, and productive because I’m not going to be able to stop! I’ve got 3 websites on the go now, I’m learning video editing and SEO and continuing with coding (obviously). Me and T are off to japan in 2 weeks (oh man snowboarding) and I just can’t wait.

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