Shane Ryan

Freelancer,Web Developer,Rubyist,Web Designer,Frontend Developer,Graphic Designer

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Name: Shane Ryan

Profile: Developer

Email: shane.ryan

Stack: StackOverflow

Coding And Such

-Ruby on Rails
-PostGreSql, MySql, MongoDB
-Restful & GraphQl APIs
-Html & CSS
-Restful & GraphQl APIs

Hardware And The Rest

-Linux & Windows
-Cisco Certified Network Associate
-Comptia A+ Training
-Video and Graphic Design (Adobe Suite)
About me

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Databases and everything in between. Just your average 30 something year old livin' in the beautiful BC mountains.

Full stack developer with a dream of making it big in the IT sector. I've made my way through a few programming languages, and taught myself the ins and outs of networking and troubleshooting. I'm well versed in the tenets of programming and I can walk the CLI's of most OS without a hitch.

I have been heavily focused on React and Javascript lately, though I'm constantly refreshing and learning new things in all the areas that interest me. Shattered Design is the name I started with many years ago when I was making my way in the marketing world, and this site is a smattering of projects (in various states of disrepair) written in Ruby and Javascript with various backends and deployments, as well as guides and blogs about things I'm currently doing or working on.

Old Projects

Some personal projects for fun and... Currently the opposite of profit


Things I'm Doing


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